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Emberfund Review – How to get free $30 Bitcoin monthly, Legit or Scam?

Emberfund is a Cryptocurrency Mining Platform developed just for you to earn free BTC by mining Satoshis, Competing in Tournament, Predicting & Playing Games to earn.

Whether you’re a rookie stepping into the crypto playground or a seasoned pro, Ember provides the tools you need to win in crypto. With a blend of earning, playing, and investing.

If you are a Crypto Miner and interested in Mining Satoshis to withdraw BTC, then you are in the right page. With Emberfund, you can earn upto $30 Bitcoin monthly by Mining Satoshis, Joining Tournaments or Playing games.

What is Emberfund

Ember Fund is the first mobile app that allows users to easily buy into a managed cryptocurrency portfolio, without needing to hold user assets.

According to the Platform, “Our mission is to bring institutional portfolio management expertise and technology to anyone with a mobile device. Choose from multiple indexes or portfolios that are professionally rebalanced.”

Features of Emberfund

Free Bitcoin Daily: Easily accumulate Bitcoin rewards with just a tap. Amplify your earnings by using Ember with friends, completing surveys, or playing games!

Battle for Bitcoin Rewards in Tournaments: Compete in free or premium virtual crypto tournaments to practice your trading. Best performing players win Bitcoin and the spotlight in front of the Ember community.

Invest in Portfolios or Individual Coins: Make investing a breeze with our professionally crafted crypto portfolios. You can also invest in top cryptocurrency tokens like Bitcoin, Ethereum, AAVE, MakerDAO, Chainlink, Polygon, Dogecoin, Shiba, Decentraland, Sandbox, and more.

Emberfund Review, is it Legit or Scam

Emberfund Mining app has been paying for over two years and still paying up-to-date. You can agree with me that the app is paying for free and not a scam.

Emberfund Review, how to earn free Bitcoin daily

How to Register and start earning free Bitcoin daily

To begin your cryptocurrency mining journey with Emberfund, the first step is to create an account and start Mining.

  • Click Here to Download Emberfund App and create an account.
  • Open the App and Sign-up, ensure you take note of your login details, don’t forget them.
  • Go to Profile Tab after registration and tap on settings at the top right corner of the app, Click Enter Access Code then paste MNGDDMTNQP7.
Emberfund Review, how to earn free Bitcoin daily

Once you are done with the registration process, then you can start earning free Bitcoin by Mining Satoshis Daily. Under the Earn Tab, Click Start Mining Bitcoin every 24hours to earn free Bitcoin.

It’s essential to note that there are different ways to earn free BTC and also increase your daily earnings on Ember, keep reading to learn more…

Ways to Earn more Bitcoin on Emberfund

There are various ways to increase your daily earnings on Emberfund App which are;

Through Referrals – On Emberfund, your mining power increases by 2 Satoshi/Hr for every friends you invite. The maximum mining power is 100 Satoshi/Hr which can be achieved with 50 Active referrals Mining Bitcoin Daily.

Joining Tournament – Tournament is one of the great way to increase your daily earnings on Ember even without a single referral. It’s a competition within other players to claim prices by predicting coin that will rise within a period of time. Download and Watch this Video to learn more about how to Join Tournament.

Playing Games – There are varieties of Game to play on Emberfund and earn free Bitcoin. With Emberfund, you can earn free BTC while making fun.

How to Refer on Emberfund and increase your Mining Power

Each Valid Miners you referred to Emberfund using your personal referral link earns you 2 Satoshi/Hr mining power. This Mining power will increase your Daily Earnings, the more you refer, the more you earn.

Click on settings to copy your personal referral link, share with friends and get 2Sats/HR mining power. The Maximum mining power you can get per hour is 100 SATs which is 50 Referral.

How to Withdraw on Emberfund

The Minimum withdrawal on Emberfund is $5 BTC. Withdrawal can be done only once per month from 26th-29th monthly and payment enters the following month from 1st-5th.

One the 1st-5th of each month, your withdrawal will be credited as Bitcoin into your Emberfund account. From there, you can withdraw your BTC to external crypto wallet.

Go to your profile and tap on Bitcoin, click the send arrow at the top then enter the amount of Bitcoin you wish to withdraw out from your Emberfund to external wallet.


Emberfund is a Cryptocurrency Mining Platform where you can mine BTC daily and withdraw on a monthly basis.

The app is paying for free and it will be interesting to invite your friends to Mine, Earn and have Fun together on Emberfund.

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